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Like it says. I post pictures here that I draw and paint digitally. I'm an illustrator with a focus on dynamic movement and narrative; I'd like to do this for a living.
 Further along on this page than I usually am this time of week.

Further along on this page than I usually am this time of week.

I feel a little “eh” about this page. The linework could be better, and would be if I hadn’t gotten foolish with my brush pen. I’ll work it out. 



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It’s true. We love attention.

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The first row of panels actually happened, so.

Almost done.

Almost done.

Since he demanded a public post:



Everyone, meet Cameron Barnes of cameronbarnesphoto​, the ex-boyfriend of one of my best friends.


During their relationship, Cameron displayed a series of abusive behaviors, from constantly trying to guilt her over where she went or who she saw without him, to blatantly and unapologetically invading her privacy (reading through her texts and mail,) to threatening suicide only to later admit that he “just wanted her to take him seriously.”

These behaviors escalated over time, culminating at one point with an argument where she texted me at 5am asking if she could come to my place and tried to walk out, at which point he blocked the doorway of their bedroom, pushing her away from it whenever she tried to get past him. She screamed for help, but none came; I waited up for her until 6:30, but didn’t hear back from her until 9 because she didn’t want him to look over her shoulder while she wrote. 

When she finally got away, he called her 17 times and called me 9 times trying to get to her, despite knowing that she didn’t want to talk to him. Among them came a text telling her that the neighbors had told him that they nearly called the police, so she should “be more considerate of her actions;” in other words, maybe not scream so much when he’s committing unlawful imprisonment in the second degree. 

She stayed with him for a time after that, and I told her that I’d respect her decision and be there for her either way, but after that I was completely done with him. Amazingly, this miserable, abusive piece of shit thought that if he just told me he was sorry and talked about how he “didn’t expect me to forgive him” that I’d just start hanging out with him again. When I refused, he persisted over the course of 2 hours to try to argue me into being nice to him, trying to trivialize his actions and shift blame onto her.

And now, over a month after she kicked him to the curb, Fuckwit here is in my inbox again, somehow still not over his obsession with me.

If you’re in the NYC area, do yourself a favor and avoid this guy like the plague.

A non-art post because he’s started following this blog for some reason.

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This again, seriously? Go away, Cameron.

Back to it.

Back to it.

Since I took so long to produce the most recent page, and I’m likely going to be behind schedule with the tournament coming up, I figured I’d add on something as a bonus. So here’s the gear loadouts of each of the operatives for this mission. 

Field Agent L. Gobble: Since Liz is posing as an officer, she actually only has standard police officer equipment on her:

  • One 0.40 caliber sidearm with a full 20-round clip of standard ammunition
  • Two spare 20-round clips of standard ammunition
  • Taser, with 4 cartridges
  • Mace
  • Two-way radio on police channels
  • One pair of handcuffs
  • One pair of latex gloves

Recovery Operative T. Gobble: Terri and Michael have variations on the Foundation’s low-profile operative loadout. Terri’s modifications are based on maximizing the use of her special capabilities to subdue hostile objects.

  • One 9mm sidearm with full 12-round clip of rubber bullets
  • Two spare 12-round clips of rubber bullets
  • One Utility knife containing blade, file, regular screwdriver head and tweezers
  • One Pocket Torch: miniaturized adjustable pin blowtorch capable of lighting a cigarette or heating a cubic centimeter of steel to its melting point and maintaining it for two minutes
  • Two Earpiece Comm sets: small devices operating on an encrypted comm network with all cleared Foundation personnel within a 200m radius or, alternatively, serving as a bluetooth device for her phone. Tagged with a GPS locator. Terri is holding one to give to Liz.
  • One durability-centric smartphone, a rugged model to withstand the risks associated with rapid acceleration and deceleration. Has access to Foundation network and databases for inquiries and both image and sound recognition. 
  • One pillbox containing eight 2550mg calcium supplements. Pills usually take 10-15 minutes to enter the bloodstream sufficiently to be drawn on for her anomalous ability.

Recovery Operative Chamness: Most of Izzy’s electronic equipment is “onboard,” so to speak; she doesn’t need a phone or earpiece. Her enhanced strength and precision also serve utitlity functions.

  • One USB wireless/bluetooth key, with adapter, allowing her to interface and maintain connections with modern complex systems, making alterations to system settings and streaming data
  • One 30ft coil of STP CAT6 ethernet cable, for better stability and higher-speed connections
  • One Kinetic Payload Delivery System, a prototype close-range repulsor weapon that concentrates concussive force on one direction without a physical projectile. One KPDS battery, 2 cartridges

Researcher Lichtenstein: Though they spend time out in the field, Alyssa is a researcher first and foremost, and largely noncombative. Their primary job is monitoring and maintaining RO Chamness, although their expertise in biology and neuroscience can be an asset to the work of CS Jacobs.

  • Civilian-styled backpack with durability lining and built-in rechargeable battery pack
  • One Field First-Aid kit
  • One Mechanical & Electronics Maintenance kit specialized to RO Chamness’s systems
  • One Earpiece Comm
  • One Analytics Smartphone: device loaded with a variety of electronic measurement & analysis instruments, including infrared & ultraviolet cameras, thermal imaging, image recognition software linked to the internet and the Foundation database, spectrometer, EMF meter and Geiger counter.
  • Xenon lamp, 3,200 lumens, supplemental for quick-charging the high-efficiency photovoltaic cells that run along Chamness’s head (in the area where her hair would be) 

Containment Specialist Jacobs: Jamie’s process is to assist investigations in the initial determination of an object’s basic nature, and assess the most effective strategy to contain both the object itself and its anomalous effects. As such, their gear can change the most drastically from case to case, and they usually recommend any modifications to standard gear loadouts. Unfortunately, this case wasn’t anywhere near fully investigated when they received the call, so they currently have very little gear on them.

  • One Durability-lined messenger bag with built-in rechargeable battery pack
  • One Handheld 25,000,000V stun gun
  • One Earpiece Comm
  • One Analytics Smartphone
  • One Containment Cannon: Recently-developed general containment system approved for widespread use. Two-stage firing process: first stage is a 40mm hollow ceramic round designed to shatter on impact, releasing a compressed gas which rapidly expands to surround the target. Second stage is a 20,000,000V Taser projectile; upon contact with electric current, gas reacts by liquefying and then rapidly congealing into a flexible, but tough, polymer. Polymer yields to force without giving up its structural integrity up to 1,241 N, and resists effects of heat up to 1,300°C and cold down to -20°C.
  • 3 CC two-stage cartridges 

Recovery Operative Weston: After several submitted requests and one unauthorized field test, Michael received approval to make an adjustment to his standard loadout, after tinkering and favors from Development led to a compact tool which fit his specialization.

  • One 9mm sidearm with full 12-round clip of rubber bullets
  • Two spare 12-round clips of rubber bullets
  • One Earpiece Comm
  • One Pocket Torch
  • One Utility Knife
  • One strategy-centric smartphone, loaded with proprietary mapping and imaging software. Similar to RO Gobble’s phone, but possessing more sensitive instruments left off of hers.
  • One Magnetically Retractable Sword: Telescoping blade which uses high-powered magnetic repulsion and attraction to extend and retract full length. While the cores of the upper two-thirds of the extended weapon is a magnetized alloy, the outside of the center rod and the upper blade are both composed of shaped sections of the wood of SCP-143.

Containment Engineer Jones: As the “back end” of containment, Patrick collaborates with CS Jacobs on transport from the area of discovery to secure facilities, or with securing an area if it is determined that moving the anomaly would not be the best course of action. He also drives the truck, which essentially serves as his gear loadout:

  1. Secondary passenger deployment area (or, backseat): the seating that assisting agents take. Seats 5, bringing the total capacity of the truck, including driver and front passenger, to 7.
  2. Internal Gear Rack: Holds standard gear, spare equipment, and mission-specific equipment in ratios as determined by personnel.
  3. Onboard computer: Networked workstation, comm hub and control panel for containment cell.
  4. Containment Cell: Resilient, EMR- and radiation- shielded, airtight cell.
  5. External Gear Rack: specialized gear deployment for large equipment.

So! That’s the team.